The Adventures of WomWom


The Adventures of WomWom books are bridging the gap between educational and recreational learning!

The books are based around the adventures of a friendly wombat “WomWom”.

These children's educational books and multimedia deliver science and literacy in a fun and innovative way.

The books in “The Adventures of WomWom” Science Reader Series are written in accordance with the ACARA curriculum (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority).

The content closely aligns with the STEM philosophy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

WomWom's key messages are look after your health, each other and the environment

"It is my deep belief that at least one, maybe hundreds, perhaps thousands, hopefully millions of children on planet Earth will be inspired by WomWom"

- Simon Saffigna


“An adorable wombat, WomWom, shows children how important it is to look after their health, the environment and each other through a series of interesting adventures. Covering the Australian Curriculum Science topics for Lower Primary, these books are ideal to use for take-home reading, guided reading and recreational reading.”

"I use the WomWom series to differentiate in my Science class. With some students working on an alternate curriculum level, it's great that I can use these books to connect each student to the required outcome while working on the same topic."

"My class LOVED the Soils book and ask for more of WomWom's adventures in our science lessons! I loved that it connected so well with our science content"

"It's great that each book has the ACARA Science outcome at the front of it. It helps link each book with my Science lessons"